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Poems (1995)

This volume from Fremantle

Press brings together three new poets, including the selection 'Occasions'. Reviewing for The West Australian, Andrew Burke hails it as setting 'an impressive precedent.' Speaking of 'Occasions' he says that the collection 'calls forth many moving poems crafted out of everyday language.' Of 'Making a Forest Vanish and Disappear', he comments that it is 'a commingling of gentle wit and insight' and that it has 'a showstopper of a finale'. 

Currently out of print: pdf version here:



Poems (1999)

 ' these days of look-alike poetry from so many younger poets, a ‘new’ poet’s first collection which has a singular, individual feeling for the world comes as a jolt...All of these poems relate to the mapping of a highly specific type of experience –  an awareness both of the temporariness of what we are and do but also of the passing moment’s intensity.

Heald’s spare, precise, elegant and utterly his own.' Martin Harrison, Australian Book Review.

Currently out of print: limited copies with the author: pdf version here:


Focusing Saturn

Poems (2004)

‘This collection is remarkable for its elegant intensity. This is deeply enjoyable work with a stunning range and powerful grasp of detail. Heald has written his way into the front rank of contemporary poets with consistent integrity and intelligence.’ -  Judges’ Comments, Queensland Premier’s Prize, Arts Queensland Judith Wright Calanthe Award for a Poetry Collection, 2005

‘The collection is impressive for the range of relationships and people, places and things Heald brings into his focus...The poems provide much pleasure and occasion for deep reflection.’ - Judges’ Report, The Western Australian Premier’s Book Awards, 2004

Currently out of print: pdf version here:


The Moving World
Poems (2011)

Poems which evoke the mysterious yet vivid process of meditation, as it sees through our conventional experiences of self and world, to a different way of being. And poems which carry this awareness to our everyday lives.

Currently out of print: pdf version here:

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